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Tough Spelsberg AK enclosures are used to house a new range of surge protectors from DEHN UK

DEHN (UK) Ltd, market leader in lightning and surge protection is using Spelsberg’s latest range of innovative enclosures to house its new range of lightning surge protectors (DSP’s). The new product line-up from DEHN is designed to provide several ‘zones’ of protection, from both direct and indirect external lightning strikes through to more sensitive equipment inside buildings. Spelsberg AK enclosures combine strong physical protection and electrical isolation with the convenience of easy mounting of components. Transparent doors allow quick checks for control and monitoring purposes with easy access to switchgear. Integral seals provide fast-fit cable entries, and a thoughtful design gives maximum wiring space, and an aesthetically pleasing finish to the product.

DEHN is a recognised market leader in the field of surge protection, and has been producing lightning and surge protection devices for nearly 100 years. The company is quick to point out the damage that a large power surge can cause, such as the loss of vital data and operational breakdowns in factory or process environments.

DEHN UK’s director Erich H. Reuss comments, “Many companies find out the hard way that surge protection is an essential consideration for any commercial enterprise”. For example - one event, for which insurance rarely exists, can have far reaching commercial consequences. DEHN prides itself on product quality, as its devices are often performing critical protection duties; Spelsberg was therefore a natural source for a quality housing. The increasing necessity for the use of surge protection devices under the new Lightning Protection Standard BSEN 62305 makes the use of the DEHN pre-boxed, ready-to-install devices an ideal part of any surge protection policy.
A direct lightning strike can generate an electrical spike of well over 500,000 V (and localised temperatures up to 10,000C), with an indirect strike still able to reach above 10,000V. DEHN’s surge protectors are designed with different Lightning Protection Zones (LPZs) in mind, ranging from protecting from the initial surge of a direct lightning strike in LPZ 0, through to limiting surges through the wiring loom of a particular office or department in LPZ 1, and then on to providing protection for sensitive devices such as servers. The standard for protecting electrical systems from lightning - BSEN 62305-4 specifies that a co-ordinated SPD such as those from DEHN’s product range should be used at each LPZ. To ensure compliance new buildings should be fitted automatically with these devices, occupiers of older buildings should make sure the equipment is present and up-to-date.

In looking for an enclosure DEHN needed to find a product that could withstand the hostile environments its SPDs are designed to protect against. It was also important to find enclosures that had optimum wiring space whilst still being easily installed in the available building space. Spelsberg’s AK boxes were able to provide all of these requirements. The enclosures are capable of survival in harsh environments, ensuring the required protection of their contents. Erich Reuss also adds “These boxes provide superior wiring space, making production and installation far faster and easier. They look good too, and where we don’t require high cable retention force (in internal installations), we appreciate the push-fit flexible cable entry membranes already moulded into the enclosure for added convenience and speed of fitting.”

The inclusion of an external transparent door allows easier access to the surge protection device for maintenance purposes, and unlike many other enclosures the door provides a degree of ingress protection to IP 65. This combination of ease of access and a high level of protection has been advertised as a key feature of DEHN UK’s DSP range. Added advantages also include an attractive finish and an easy attachment to vertical or horizontal DIN rails. The moulded, membrane seal which creates fast cable entries and helps to further minimize installation time is also a promotional feature for them.

On top of offering strong and practical solutions, all Spelsberg AK enclosures are available empty, with a complete range of accessories supplied, or, ready fitted. Enclosures can also be supplied with bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals within 48 hours. Spelsberg offers the widest selection of plastic enclosures ex-stock in the country and so is able to provide 24 hour delivery on many products. All products are assembled in the UK, the AK series complying with DIN VDE 0471.

Copies of Spelsberg’s UK catalogue are available free from Spelsberg, simply email sales@spelsberg.co.uk visit the website at www.spelsberg.co.uk or call 01952 200 716.


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