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Capture the Suns energy with enclosures from Spelsberg

Spelsberg els, the UK’s largest supplier of non-metallic enclosures, provides custom built enclosures for Photovoltaic (PV) equipment.

PV is now a rapidly growing market, with new technologies being developed almost daily. Providing a new range of integrated enclosures which are certified to international standards with ingress protection up to IP68, Spelsberg is one of the leading companies for developing specialised enclosures for photovoltaic panels.

Over the last year we have seen the cost of energy rise dramatically. While our dependence on oil lasts these prices rises will continue. For this reason there has been a leap in interest in alternative, renewable energies that can alleviate our use of oil. Currently PV is the fastest growing source of energy. It is used by both businesses and on private homes; many governments recognise its benefits and offer incentives for its use.

Due to the large amount of interest the technology behind PV has increased in recent years. When developing new PV technology it is important to consider how it will be housed, it is vital that the enclosure which is used is capable of protecting the delicate technology from the elements. Spelsberg has been involved in manufacturing enclosures for PV for more than twenty years and so is familiar with the many differing technologies in the area of PV and is able to provide solutions for most of them.

Spelsberg is therefore the leading European manufacturer of enclosures designed specifically for PV. Its products have been improved over many years to ensure that they provide the protection the equipment needs. The enclosures are put through a number of tests to ensure that they can protect the PV equipment from the outside environment.

There is a range of standard products which are designed specifically for the PV industry such as the Fox Box, PV-Connection Box and Generator Isolation Housing. Spelsberg are capable of customising solutions for manufacturers with specific needs as it recognises that many of the new technologies have different requirements. Spelsberg was one of the first companies to become involved in developing specialised enclosures for PVs and now produces up to 150,000 enclosures daily.

Spelsberg is the largest supplier ex stock in the country and so is able to offer delivery on a very short lead time, often within 24 hours. Customisation is possible on any product including bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals within 48 hours. Copies of Spelsberg’s UK catalogue are available free from Spelsberg, simply email sales@spelsberg.co.uk visit the website at www.spelsberg.co.uk or call 01952 200 716.


For further information contact: Graham Fox, Spelsberg els UK LTD,
Unit 17, Stafford Park 12, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BJ. 
Tel: 01952 200 716.  Fax: 01952 200 725. 
sales@spelsberg.co.uk.  Web site: www.spelsberg.co.uk

For editorial and advertising enquiries: David Bedford, DMA Europa.  2nd Floor, Snuff Mill Warehouse, Park Lane, Bewdley, Worcs, DY12, 2EL.
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