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Utility savings in a box…

Spelsberg enclosures house new Omnisava energy saving device for water, compressed air and steam.

Watersavers, a company dedicated to preventing energy waste in industry, is using Spelsberg’s tough IP66 TK range of enclosures to house its new energy saving device, the Omnisava. The Omnisava can reduce the amount of water, compressed air, steam and other commodities used in industry. Spelsberg enclosures were the ideal choice, matching all of Watersavers requirements including: strong physical protection, a transparent lid, ample wiring space and an aesthetic exterior.

Watersavers’ Omnisava shut off control is designed to turn off the flow of commodities such as water, compressed air and steam when it is not needed, reducing energy wastage. Figures show that each year such waste can be extremely costly to a business. For example the Carbon Trust have calculated that up to 30% of compressed air is wasted and the Environment Agency say that one tap left running overnight will use approximately 6480 litres of water. Both these situations could be avoided by the use of an Omnisava which can save thousands of pounds in wasted energy.

Stuart Richards of Watersavers comments: “As a company we offer cost effective applications which are proven to reduce energy waste. We had several requirements for the Omnisava’s enclosures, including transparent lids to allow easy monitoring of the status LEDs and a high level of protection, as our products may find themselves in harsh environments”.

Watersavers chose to use Spelsberg’s range of TK enclosures as they provide the flexibility required for the application. The TK range has over 400 variations available with IP66 protection, suitable for protected and unprotected installations. Customers are able to specify the enclosure specifications to meet individual needs, special solutions such as UL and ATEX approvals are available. The enclosures have the option of polystyrene or polycarbonate construction with a transparent or opaque covering option.

Spelsberg’s TK range forms a part of the widest selection of plastic enclosures available ex-stock in the UK. All Spelsberg enclosures are available empty, or with a complete range of accessories supplied or ready fitted. Enclosures can also be supplied with bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals within 48 hours. Its headquarters are located in Telford, ensuring that all ex-stock can be delivered next day nationwide.

Copies of Spelsberg’s UK catalogue are available free from Spelsberg, simply email sales@spelsberg.co.uk visit the website at www.spelsberg.co.uk or call 01952 200 716.


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Tel: 01952 200 716.  Fax: 01952 200 725. 
sales@spelsberg.co.uk.  Web site: www.spelsberg.co.uk

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