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New coaxial cartridges provide better performance

10/09/2021 16:36:13
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileNew coaxial cartridges provide better performanceNew coaxial cartridges provide better performanceNew coaxial cartridges provide better performanceNew coaxial cartridges provide better performance

MIXPAC™ Mixpeel™ cartridges offer increased ease of use and improve overall efficiency

The design of packaging and dispensing systems can go a long way in supporting adhesive manufacturers and end users in the pursuit of increased Mixpeel. Particularly when optimal filling and application of 2-component adhesives, it’s fundamental to obtain reliable bonds. Sulzer Mixpac’s latest Mixpeel high-quality coaxial cartridge offers high performance, reliability and ease of use, without compromises.

Christian Majoleth, Product Manager Adhesives look at the key features and benefits of the Mixpeel cartridge.

Adhesive, sealant and caulking formulations are continuously improving to deliver optimal solutions for a wide range of applications and industries, not just building and construction. These new products need suitable packaging and dispensing systems that help adhesive manufactures to easily and reliably pack their formulations whilst minimizing waste, as well as allowing end users to efficiently apply the products.

2-in-1 concept

Based on the principle of good design that “form follows function”, Sulzer Mixpac developed the new Mixpeel.

Its key feature is compactness and convenience, as the system can hold 2-component adhesives in a 1-component style cartridge. In this way, end users can use simpler single-component dispensers rather than multi-component tools. The new Mixpeel cartridge is compatible with most 1-component dispensers already available on the market, offering flexibility and adaptability for a wider range of users and applications.

Arguably the most innovative element of the 2-in-1 design is the cutter unit. Four cutter blades “cut-peel" the inner tube apart and push the sliced inner tube parts towards the outer tube. This technique allows using a single-component dispenser in combination with a 2- component cartridge.

The 2-in-1 compact design of Mixpeel offers substantial waste reductions therefore lowering the environmental impact of the system. The innovative solution was designed to minimize the volume of adhesive loss in discarded cartridges. To further reduce waste, if after use the systems are not empty, they can be re-sealed and stored, as the perfectly fitted closure avoids contamination and adhesive hardening.

The design of the cartridge uses less packaging material than traditional coaxial systems whilst accommodating larger amounts of adhesives versus comparable cartridges available on the market. Sulzer’s solution fits 280 mL of 2-component adhesives into its cartridges instead of the conventional 250 mL. This means substantial savings in packaging materials and a positive knock-on effect towards reducing waste and carbon footprints.

Shifting the outlet position

Ensuring optimal functionality was also the reason behind the revolutionary geometry of the cartridge outlet, which is decentralized and features a large side-by-side opening. This design supports adhesive manufacturers by allowing cartridges to be front-filled.

The decentralized outlet position reduces the likelihood of friction issues and air being trapped in the cartridge. The components being filled into the tubes follow a straight path, without changes in direction that can affect optimal filling. Similarly, when it comes to dispensing, no air bubbles are formed within Mixpeel.

In addition, the big aperture increases the adhesive liquid flow rate during filling, thus allowing adhesive manufacturers to fill the cartridges faster and more efficiently.

The Mixpeel concept also supports back-filling, when this option is preferred. In this case, adhesive producers can benefit from a lightweight and reliable system that can be filled again without any trapped air. Optimum durability and mixing ratios

Finally, excellent mixing performance and accurate dispensing are provided by the system’s advanced QUADRO mixing tips. This folds the two adhesive components together repeatedly until a homogenous mixture is prepared for delivery.

As a result of Sulzer’s careful and holistic approach to cartridge design, end users that choose Mixpeel need to apply less dispensing force. More precisely, tests show that the dispensing force required with high viscose materials is 35% lower versus comparable cartridges available on the market.


Efficient design of adhesive packaging and dispensing is key to boosting productivity, reliability and performance. By relying on leading experts in applicator systems, like Sulzer, and its latest solution, the new Mixpeel, cutting-edge adhesives and cartridges can work together to meet demanding market requirements and support even the most challenging applications.


Picture 1: The 2-in-1 packaging system for easy front filling and enhanced performance

Picture 2: Through simple and smart design the cartridge packaging waste could be reduced by 15%

Picture 3: Easy to apply with up to 35% less dispensing force

Picture 4: Additional fill volume and less waste

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