Reduce downtime and increase productivity with Tsubaki’s sprocket range

TSU228 26 March 2015

The efficiency and reliability of a chain driven system highly depends on the interaction between the chain and sprocket.

Tsubaki strengthens the weak link in the chain for asphalt pavers

TSU234 04 March 2015

Resurfacing an asphalt road is one of those tasks that once started really shouldn’t be stopped part way through, especially not for a breakdown that may take several hours to repair.

Tsubaki improves durability of asphalt equipment

TSU233 11 February 2015

The asphalt industry presents some considerable challenges for the equipment that is required to process the aggregates (especially in terms of dust) which can cause significant reliability issues.

Tsubakimoto delivers innovation to the asphalt industry

TSU232 16 December 2014

The asphalt industry is under constant pressure to deliver fresh, hot asphalt to the road paving companies. It is a process that cannot afford a broken link in the supply chain.

Precision couplings series suits wide range of applications

TSU210 04 December 2014

Tsubakimoto Chain, the world's premier manufacturer of power transmission products, has developed a comprehensive series of precision couplings capable of delivering reliable torque transmission with improved torsional stiffness.

Protecting drive chain systems - what are the options?

TSU154 30 October 2014

Drive chain systems are used in a vast array of applications, from the largest machines built by man – such as open mine bucket excavators - to the humble printer; and they all need some form of protection device to prevent overloading of the drive chains.

Drive chain reliability key to maintaining quarry performance

TSU222D 21 October 2014

Derek Mack, UK Sales Director for Tsubaki Europe, looks at the challenges and some possible solutions.

Tsubaki appoints Nick Cummings as Sales Manager for central England and Wales

Tsubaki appoints Nick Cummings as Sales Manager for central England and Wales

TSU227 09 October 2014

Nick Cummings has been appointed as Area Sales Manager for Tsubakimoto, covering the central belt of England and Mid-North Wales.

Tsubaki customer service takes root with launch of new ‘Tree App’

TSU221 30 September 2014

Tsubaki has launched a free app for use on iPad that allows customers to download product literature, find local distributors and even generate quotes.

Chain for corrosive environments

TSU216 09 September 2014

Tsubaki, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality chain products, has developed a range of chains and associated sprockets for use in the harshest industrial environments.