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Tsubaki is setting a higher benchmark for lube free chains with the launch of its new BS/DIN Lambda chain.  The new chain combines all the benefits of non-lube operation, superior wear resistance and improved operating life in a new, highly convenient ‘easy-disassemble’ design that retains full chain strength in the connecting link. The design can reduce maintenance requirements while increasing productivity in virtually any chain application.
Tsubaki designed and manufactured the original version of Lambda roller chain in 1988: it was the first commercially available power transmission roller chain that did not require any external lubrication and the company have been developing ‘lube-free’ chain technology ever since. The latest BS/DIN version is effectively a development of the Lambda product DNA.
The new design makes use of increased technology adapted from years of experience in automotive chain development, particulary in the area of the oil-impregnated bushings (Lambda bushings are the element in the chain that provide internal lubrication between pin and roller), providing better lubrication under load and achieving greater wear resistance. The metal structure and surface hardness of the link plates, rollers and pins has also been improved by process developments at Tsubaki’s new state-of-the-art central manufacturing plant in Japan. The result is an even higher wear-life, ensuring that new Lambda chain will comfortably outlast both traditional externally lubricated chains and other ‘lube-free’ type chains that have not received the same depth of design input or product development. Tsubaki has also unified drive and conveyor Lambda thus making the adoption of attachments easy.
There are obvious benefits to using lubrication-free roller chain in clean industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacture where product contamination cannot be tolerated. However, Lambda delivers very low whole-life costs when compared to conventional chain: Lower maintenance requirements, longer wear-life and reduced downtime all contribute towards lubrication free chain being the most economic choice in many routine industrial applications.
Lambda’s improved wear-life can reduce the overall cost of replacement chain significantly; as lower quality chains will have to be replaced several times before Lambda shows any sign of wear. Lambda can also return several times the purchase value during it’s working life through reduced maintenance and costs of lubricants, associated automatic and manual lubrication procedures. This is particularly true of food-grade lubricants that carry a price premium, and in high temperature environments where lubricant is quickly dispersed from the chain surface. New Lambda chain has a wide operating temperature range from –100C through to +1500C without compromising lubrication performance.
A specially developed ring-coining process employed on the connecting link of new Lambda chain increases the strength of the link plate around the pin holes, ensuring that a connecting link retains the same high strength and wear resistance as the rest of the chain. Combined with an ‘easy-disassemble’ rivet pin design, Tsubaki has ensured that both fitting and removal of the chain do not compromise the chain’s longevity or performance.
Corrosion resistance has also been improved on this latest generation using an Fe3O4 surface coating on the outer and inner link plates, ensuring the chain is still dry to the touch but more tolerant of liquid splashes and atmospheric moisture.
New BS/DIN Lambda will be identifiable long after it has been fitted thanks to the new easy identification stamping of the sideplate denoting “Tsubaki Lambda”. The chain provides a direct replacement for standard size roller chains and only requires standard dimension sprockets. It is available in the size range 06B - 24B in both single strand and ‘duplex’ form and the product is always available from stock unlike many other manufacturers offering their version of lube free products. The new design packaging is both distinctive and practical making no mistake that Lambda lube free chain is enclosed. There are at least ten standard Lambda conveyor/attachment formats offered by Tsubaki in addition to an equally wide range of ANSI sizes. Special corrosion resistant WP Lambda and ultra-long life X-Lambda versions are also available for specialist applications.
For further information contact:  Marketing Department, TSUBAKI UK
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