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Industrial laundry engineering specialist Stepps of Lanarkshire has employed innovative SN Series Low Noise chain from Tsubaki to reduce the noise output of industrial washing machines, improving the working environment and avoiding the cost of replacing the drive assembly.

James Gordon, Engineering Director at Stepps comments, “our customer ordered a complete maintenance overhaul for these machines and made a specific request that they should be quieter in operation. Having inspected the existing drive chain on the drum, we identified it as the main reason for the excessive noise levels. Our initial thought was to re-engineer the mounts and replace the drive sprockets and chain with industrial pulleys and belting, but having consulted our local power transmission distributor it was suggested we try Tsubaki low noise chain.”
“We were able to retain the original drive configuration, replacing the sprockets like-for-like and the original chain with ½” pitch Tsubaki SN Low Noise chain. The difference was made immediately apparent as soon as we turned the first machine on, it had reduced the noise from its original level to a ‘smooth hum’. Our customer was particularly pleased with the results, as he preferred the concept of retaining the chain drive for the strength and low maintenenace requirements it also offered.”
“Knowing that cutting down noise in the workplace helps to reduce operator fatigue and is an indirect contributor to improved productivity, we will be recommending this solution to other customers. The cost differential when we are already replacing the drive chain is marginal and the user satisfaction from the results is marked”. Tsubaki's SN Low Noise Drive Chain is a direct replacement for standard roller chain and provides a noise reduction between 6~8dB (Decibel) in operation.
Noise occurs mainly when the chain roller and the teeth of the sprocket mesh together, with the new design, the normal cylindrical roller is replaced by a coil spring roller - this absorbs the noise produced when it engages with the sprocket teeth. In addition to lower overall noise levels with this arrangement, noise is also softened and jarring noises are reduced.
SN roller chain is most suitable for use in areas where people work in close proximity to loud machinery. It is also the ideal product for applications, such as theatrical stage lifts, where the strength of a roller chain is required without the accompanying noise. Importantly, despite its unique noise reducing design, SN Low Noise Chain can directly replace standard roller chain in power transmission systems (at speeds up to a maximum of 200m/min). This feature saves both the time and the cost of replacing sprockets.
SN Low Noise Drive Chain is an ideal alternative for companies that have adopted belts for the purpose of reducing noise, but have encountered difficulties because of the type of use, belt strength, operating conditions (i.e. temperature etc.), and cost. A typical list of applications for Low Noise Drive Chain includes printing, canning, wrapping and packaging machines, conveyors, warehouse carousels, transfer lines, labelling machines, sorting machines, machine tool carousels, and many more.
Tsubaki manufacture a range of specialist application chains in addition to Low Noise Chain designed to address specific machine requirements, other examples include: Antibacterial Chain, Zero Elongation Chain, Lubrication Free Chain, Waterproof Chain, Double Speed Conveyor Chain, and a wide range of application specific Attachment Chains.
For further information contact:  Marketing Department, TSUBAKI UK
Osier Drive, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham, NG15 0DX. 
Telephone Number:  01623 688788.  Fax number: 01623 688789.
For editorial enquiries contact:  Roland Renshaw, DMA Europa. 
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