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‘Lube-free is the future’ claims Tsubaki UK, or more specifically, ‘Tsubaki’s lubrication free Lambda roller chain’ the company would like to think is the future, and it has launched a complete website to support the assertion at www.lubefreechain.com.

www.lubefreechain.com contains a wealth of information about the technology behind manufacturing roller chain that does not require any external lubrication throughout its entire working life. There is information about materials technology, how the chain is constructed and details on the highly advanced new manufacturing facility where it is produced.
Since Tsubaki has been manufacturing Lambda chain since 1988 the company has also built up an enviable library of application examples in a wide variety of industry sectors, this experience is also made available on the site through industry specific application case study examples where Lambda chain has provided a solution to various problems caused by the requirement for external lubrication.
Examples range from metal casting machines where Lambda chain has proved resistant to heat and abrasive casting sand, to printing machines that can now keep the newsprint clean and free from oil marks, to food industry and packaging applications where product cleanliness and long term strength and reliability are essential.  The chain is particularly useful where contaminants can stick to externally lubricated chains and wear them out very quickly, since it is dry-to-the-touch Lambda does not suffer these problems and has provided years of service in many cases where ‘normal’ roller chain lasted a matter of weeks. 
The concept of Lambda Lube Free Chain was formulated long before industry began a focus towards the effects on the environment and was officially launched in 1988. It was the first commercially available industrial power transmission chain that truly did not require any external lubrication. Tsubaki has been developing ‘lube-free’ chain technology ever since, with the latest BS/DIN version being effectively a development of the core features or product DNA identified during the 17 years of manufacture. This commitment to Lube Free Technology is amply demonstrated by the opening the worlds most modern and state of the art chain manufacturing facility in 2002, which has now become the home of Lambda.   
The website offers information on the different types of Lambda chain available, from standard roller chain to water resistant versions, conveyor chains and specialist variations for high load and extra long life. To find out more about lube-free chain, visit www.lubefreechain.com on the Internet.
For further information contact:  Marketing Department, TSUBAKI UK
Osier Drive, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham, NG15 0DX. 
Telephone Number:  01623 688788.  Fax number: 01623 688789.
For editorial enquiries contact:  Roland Renshaw, DMA Europa. 
Telephone Number:  01299 405454.  Fax:  01299 403092.

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