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Tsubaki UK offers 1300+ variations of attachment chain

Best known for its innovative, high-quality standard and lube-free roller chain, Tsubaki UK is offering a huge range of attachment chain to suit virtually any application. Comprising of an extended range of stock items covering the majority of standard applications, a ‘build to order’ service using more specialised attachments, also held in UK stock, and a ‘made to order’ service where unusual or highly specialist solutions can be delivered on short lead times from Tsubaki’s dedicated state-of-the art factory.
Chris Rice, Tsubaki UK Sales Director for Industrial Products comments, “Tsubaki has a strong relationship with UK power transmission distribution and maintenance companies for MRO business, and we have invested a great deal in stock and engineering support in order to help our distributors meet customer demands for shorter lead times on Tsubaki quality products, and for a wide range of attachment variations”.
Popular Tsubaki  ‘standard’ attachment chains are engineered to suit the wide variety of conveyor applications found in the UK and Ireland, with attachments designed for direct or in-direct product contact, typically used on industrial manufacturing, food processing and fast moving consumer goods production lines. Standard attachments are also suitable for use in many specialist applications such as newspaper printing and bookbinding applications, and are generally available same or next day direct from stock.
Chris Rice adds, “As end users increase production capacity and reduce maintenance windows, Tsubaki believes that this high level of availability and swift delivery can make the difference between a sale to a satisfied customer, and them turning somewhere else. This policy represents one of Tsubaki’s core values, in that we are pro-active in aiding customer retention for PT distributors and maintenance providers.”
The Tsubaki UK ‘build to order’ service for attachment chain opens up a vast number of chain variations and relies on the fact that a large number of chain sizes and configurations are kept in stock by Tsubaki. Stock chains are ready to accept a range of attachments in order to be tailored to suit a much wider range of applications. Depending on the type of chain formation and attachment required delivery is normally 2/3 days. Tsubaki UK regularly builds and despatches built to order chains on the same day however, usually in response to customer emergencies.
If a special attachment is required (for volumes typically under 100ft) it can often be manufactured in the UK, the attachments are laser cut, and delivery is typically around two weeks, significantly quicker than competitors on non-stock attachment chains.
‘Made to order’ is usually for non-standard attachments, and includes chains that have not been made before and again are required in medium to higher volumes. There are literally millions of variations here and Tsubaki aims to deliver this type of product in around 10 weeks, relying on the flexibility of the new plant to meet far shorter deadlines than the competition, whist maintaining enviable Tsubaki quality.
There are over 1,300+ permutations of base chain and attachments available from stock on short lead times, and thousands more combinations possible using the build to order service, also utilising product components from stock. Tsubaki also has the facility to length match chain in pairs or sets; this means that precision duplex and triplex applications can also be satisfied on a very short lead time.  Tsubaki is also likely to be the only global chain manufacturer with a chain plant dedicated to making only attachment chains.
Tsubaki chains are used in a wide variety of applications as diverse as food processing, automotive manufacture and theme park rides. In addition to standard, externally lubricated roller chain, Tsubaki also offers chain variations that include innovative solutions to wash down conditions, high loads, outdoor use, corrosive atmospheres and dry non-lube applications, each with a specialist design and material solution developed specifically for reduced maintenance and extended life in the most arduous of conditions.
Advice on technical specification is provided by a dedicated engineering team working from the company’s UK division in Nottingham, providing care and application support for all Tsubaki chains. For advice on innovative solutions, prices and availability, contact Tsubaki UK direct.
Contact for reader enquiries: Marketing Department, Tsubaki UK Ltd, Osier Drive, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham. NG15 ODX. Tel: 01623 -688788
Fax: 01623 -688789       e-mail: sales@tsubaki.co.uk. Web: www.tsubaki.co.uk
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