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Tsubaki has introduced a new range of Poly-Steel Chain (PC) in BS Standard sizes. PC Chain is a lightweight alternative to all-stainless chains for applications with a high level of moisture present, wash down conditions, and some corrosive atmospheres. Available in drive, conveyor and attachment variations, the new PC series chains can provide high levels of resistance to water, acids, alkalis and food ingredients. A single-piece Super Engineering (SE) plastic inner link design promotes easier cleaning and allows lube-free operation, extending chain life in poor lubrication situations.
Featuring tough Super Engineering (SE) plastic inner links, Tsubaki’s latest PC Chain is lighter than all-stainless designs and can reduce purchase costs. The engineering plastic links are specially formulated to provide lube-free operation, producing a longer lasting alternative to all-metal versions, which are more prone to corrosion and lubrication problems. Cleaning operations are also improved thanks to this inner link design, making the chains suitable for machinery operating in harsh environments and clean room applications where lubrication is not possible.
Stainless steel side plates and pins ensure chain strength is maintained and allow speeds of up to 70 metres/minute to be achieved. Specification of food-grade materials, and the availability as drive, conveyor or attachment variations, ensures the new PC chains can be used in the broadest possible range of applications across food, packaging, pharmaceutical, healthcare and electronics industries. The reduced weight and effectively maintenance-free operation of the new chains also reduces wear to drive sprockets, further reducing downtime and costs. With the combination of materials used for PC chain another key advantage as well as reduced weight is lower noise levels.
Machine builders and engineers can achieve effective cost benefits when replacing all stainless steel BS chain, sizes RF06B to RF12B. The ANSI series Plastic Combination chain are also available in sizes RF25 to RF60 size chains and available with A1, K1, SA1, SK1, E1 and E2 attachments.
There are also specialist types of chain available within the range in various materials that offer different properties to solve application specific problems; these include a Titanium based engineering plastic combination chain for increased acid resistance, KV series for high temperatures (up to 140°C).
 UMW- for unstable conveying due to poor sliding, & Tsubaki’s ‘E’ series PC chain has lower magnetic properties than all-stainless versions, discharging static electricity built up during use to avoid interference with products and systems.  The new PC catalogue includes a useful corrosion resistant guide for assistance.
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