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Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. opens new HQ in Dordrecht

Tsubaki’s commitment to the European market has been underlined with the official opening of Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. (T.E.U.) new headquarters. Guests from all over the world attended an opening ceremony for the new building Located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Senior personnel from Tsubakimoto worldwide headquarters in Japan were joined by local dignitaries including the mayor of Dordrecht and honoured guests from the Japanese Embassy.
Guests attending in photograph - left to right:
Mr. Frank Rosmolen, Director of Tsubakimoto Europe Power Transmission Division
Mr. Fukunaga, chairman of the board Tsubakimoto Chain Co. Japan
Mr. R. Bandell, mayor of Dordrecht
Mr. K. Ota, representing the Japanese Embassy
Mr. Kitayama, President of Tsubakimoto Europe BV
As part of a long term investment plan Tsubakimoto has purchased 12,000 m2 of land at the Dordrecht site. Approximately 5000 m2 are being used for a state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics centre. Sales offices, training facilities and a technical support centre currently occupy an additional 2200 m2. The site also provides space for further expansion plans to be realised.
Tsubakimoto has developed into a truly worldwide organisation over the past 90 years, supplying its premium products to over 70 countries. Manufacturing is carried out in several locations including the Kyotanabe facility, the worlds most advanced and efficient chain manufacturing plant, which was opened in 2002.
Tsubaki has maintained a European headquarters in the Netherlands for the last 35 years. The new European headquarters serves customers in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. The product range supplied includes a wide variety of and chains and power transmission components for conveyors and other drive applications.
With net sales worldwide close to 1billion Euro in the last financial year Tsubakimoto is in a strong market position. Continued growth is expected to be driven by increasing demand for the company’s innovative high-quality roller chain, conveyor and power transmission products.
Looking to the future, there is a strong theme of improving durability and efficiency in Tsubaki products. This drive for efficiency, alongside environmentally conscious manufacturing and life-cycle analysis are key elements in Tsubaki’s long-term view.
Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. contact: Olga C. Jelic-Harmsen
Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. Aventurijn 1200, 3316 LB Dordrecht. The Netherlands.
Email: olga.jelic@tsubaki.nl Tel: +31 (0)78 620400 Web: www.tsubaki.nl
About Tsubakimoto: Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is the world's premiere manufacturer and developer of roller chain and related power transmission products, with strong market positions in premium-quality chains (ANSI (RS) & (BS) British standard roller chain, engineering chain, conveyor chain, motorcycle chain, various special application chains), power transmission units and components (including reducers, linear actuators, clutches), and automotive timing chain drive systems used to drive camshafts in automotive engines. Tsubakimoto Chain is also involved in the development and production of factory automation systems, physical distribution systems, and electronic control devices. Tsubakimoto Chain operates factories worldwide and its network of sales subsidiaries and affiliates markets its products in more than 70 nations.

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