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New solution for the thermoforming process found with Tsubaki’s wide range of ‘Gripper’ chains

Tsubaki has launched a new range of ‘gripper’ chains to be used for thermoforming in various sectors including food, electrical and medical packaging. Whereas conventional gripping attachments often open vertically, Tsubaki’s range opens to the side as well which provides a larger opening preventing jams and making loading easier. This innovative solution is available with many variations of transmission chain, including Tsubaki’s unique Lambda lube-free chain. Offering extended chain life and minimal maintenance Tsubaki’s gripper chain offers a fresh, new option for thermoforming.

Tsubaki, a world leading manufacturer of drive & attachment chains, has developed the new advanced design of gripper chain to provide an ideal solution for form, fill and vacuum sealing wrapping applications. Other attachment designs have inherent problems such as being prone to breakages or not gripping the film correctly. Tsubaki has produced an attachment that has superior wear characteristics and ‘cams’ open creating a far wider aperture which prevents jamming and unsuccessful loading.

The Tsubaki design incorporates a coil spring with a square section profile; the gripper surface area and spring are larger and so less prone to breakage. The reason other attachment types do not always grip the film properly is that in the case where the gripping attachment will only open and close vertically, it creates a narrow opening. Tsubaki’s ‘gripper’ mechanism opens vertically then sideways improving the engagement of the film and reducing possible jamming.

There are a range of available options to ensure that almost any customer need can be met. Tsubaki holds the two most common chain sizes in stock although almost any size is available through the made-to-order option. The chains are produced with a hard wearing protective nickel plated finish as standard, suitable for general use in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 150°C.

Other options are available which include stainless steel chains for applications that will be subjected to aggressive wash downs or where acidic products are in use. Tsubaki can also supply the ‘gripper’ attachment within a Lambda chain. This is a self-lubricating chain which reduces maintenance needs; i.e. it does not require any lubrication, and is ideal where the risk of product contamination or marking by external lubricant is an issue.

The chains can be used in a range of applications from food packaging to the packaging of medical supplies. Tsubaki believes it is important to recognise each client’s individual requirements and to fully understand their needs in order to provide an ideal solution, offering different chain types and lubrication options, including USDA H1 approved food grade lubrication. Within these industries, Tsubaki hopes to quickly establish the advantages offered by this improved design and product specification.

All Tsubaki products have extremely short lead times when available from stock or build-to-order from stocked components. For further information please contact Tsubaki for literature, & support material.


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