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New reference source for roller chain

Tsubaki has launched two new UK product catalogues containing a wealth of information about the company’s extensive range of innovative problem solving drive chains and all you will need to know about attachment chains.

The first catalogue covers STO (Standard order from stock) products, and the second BTO (Build to order) products such as attachment chains. A third catalogue is due later in the year describing a selection of MTO (Made to order) products that have been designed and manufactured for particular applications – demonstrating the company’s ability to create a roller chain from scratch to include materials and designs from the mundane to the exotic.

The STO and BTO catalogues are available in paper format and as free downloads from the recently updated company website www.tsubaki.eu. Each catalogue contains a large amount of information on the products provided including manufacturing methods, drawings and technical specification. Both include innovative chains specially designed for certain applications, such as use in contamination-free processes, high-temperature environments, wet and corrosive conditions. The catalogues carry the new company brand identity associated with drive chains, attachment chains and large conveyor chains.

The STO catalogue offers customers a large and well varied selection of drive chains: BS and ANSI roller chain in standard sizes with performance and wear life that is anything but standard. The company’s long established Lambda Lube-free roller chains, and a host of chains for corrosive environments. Heavy-duty chain, low noise roller chain and a range of high-strength leaf chain are included. Information about Tsubaki UK is there, including reminders that dedicated field engineers and product application specialists are available for technical advice to ensure the correct chain for any given application is selected.

The BTO catalogue demonstrates the many options available to customers seeking an attachment chain. With over 1,300 possible attachment / chain variations there is an available option for virtually any application. Standard attachment chains are held in stock and so will often have a lead time as little as one or two days from order. Non-stock orders can be laser cut and ready for delivery within two weeks – this is much faster than possible with other brands. Tsubaki offers length-matched chain for pairs and multiple strand applications on short lead times. Tsubaki also has an entire production plant dedicated to making attachment chains and provides truly innovative solutions. The catalogue is an essential guide for what is available in terms of attachment chain in the UK.

Not many customers are expected to fully appreciate the possibilities of Tsubaki products until they have seen the new catalogues. In the case of MTO special products, Tsubaki will also manufacture chains completely to order. This will be demonstrated in a third catalogue to follow later in the year. This will show Tsubaki’s ability to work with a customer to ensure their precise needs are met whether it is in lube-free material, super light, or super strong, the extremes of design can be dealt with here.

Tsubaki has over 30 production locations and 22 group companies worldwide, its production and sales networks are now more developed than ever. This allows OEMs to export with confidence knowing that Tsubaki support will be present wherever the machine is used.


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