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Its a moving story: WDS is expanding its conveyor components range

12/11/2019 09:56:23
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileIts a moving story: WDS is expanding its conveyor components range

The UK’s leading supplier of engineering components, WDS Components Parts Ltd. is expanding its range of conveyor parts, with new guide rails, bracketry, bearing mountings and guides. These will complement the existing skate wheels, omni-wheels, support bases, connecting joints, mounting brackets, head mounts and clamps.

“With the newest additions, WDS now offers a complete set of elements for the building, extension, maintenance and repair of materials handling systems,” Adrian Wells, Product Manager at WDS explains.

“Typically, we supply conveyor parts to two types of customer: end users and specialist conveyor design and build firms. The latter make the main conveyor beds complete with powered rollers and/or drives. Of course, many sectors use conveyors, so we have built a portfolio of products that can serve a wide range of users, including manufacturing companies, food processors, pharmaceuticals producers, electronics specialists, parcel and package distributors. The conveyors are also suitable for end-of-line operations, such as packing, stacking, palletising and transfer in any industry.

In addition to supplying a full suite of components parts, WDS simplifies the procurement process by offering a comprehensive online catalogue that features technical data, 3D CAD models and one-click ordering for all of its standard parts. Each component is available in a range of sizes, with options for variations such as shaft lengths, choice of handle type and metric or Imperial screw thread options. It also offers products in a range of materials, such as stainless steel for clean and hygienic environments, aluminium for weight sensitive applications, or plastics and ceramics as an alternative to steel, etc.

Its conveyor products are further supported by the full range of standard engineering parts such as fastenings, hinges, clamps; footings, mounts, casters and wheels; shafts and joints; levers, knobs, handles and hand wheels; locating pins, locks and latches. All of these are supported by the layers of technical help WDS makes freely available via its website (, telephone help line (08456 066677), email communications and on-line videos.

WDS’ headquarters combines a stock holding and dispatch centre with on-site manufacturing so that it can offer a bespoke service to customers that require special products rather than standard components. Thanks to this set up it is able to offer next day delivery on 98% of standard orders and extremely fast turnaround of bespoke orders.

Adrian explains the advantage of this: “Typically a conveyor system will be made up almost completely of standard components, but there may be a need for a customised bracket, special mounting or similar. At WDS we are able to produce these little extras and save our client all the effort of finding and dealing with a third party for just one or two parts.”

Image Caption: The UK’s leading supplier of engineering components, WDS Components Parts Ltd. is expanding its range of conveyor parts.

About WDS

WDS are the UK’s leading manufacturer of standard parts for use in machine build components, standard parts, jigs & fixtures, and consumer products. The range of products available from WDS grows daily and so has the methods available to designers and engineers for identifying, specifying and purchasing any of the 20,000+ parts currently held in stock. For example, WDS has made ordering workholding solutions cheaper and quicker by removing small order surcharges.

The WDS range covers five main divisions, Standard Parts, Machine Accessories, Spencer Franklin Hydraulic Workholding, Broaching and General & Modular Workholding.

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