DMA Europa Group launches one-stop-shop for B2B marketing services

27/07/2016 14:53:35
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileDMA Europa Group launches one-stop-shop for B2B marketing servicesDMA Europa Group launches one-stop-shop for B2B marketing servicesDMA Europa Group launches one-stop-shop for B2B marketing services

Several leading European B2B agencies and technical marketing service providers have now ‘officially’ joined together to create the DMA Europa Group. With a joint passion for technology and marketing the companies are looking to expand their combined service offerings and provide a complete, turnkey communications solutions to their customers.

The DMA Europa Group comprises of DMA Europa, Midland Technical Translation, V-Ex and MaintainIt.TV. Each company specialises in its own channel of industrial B2B marketing and is managed centrally by a team of expert marketers.

‘Finding good quality marketing services when you own or work for an engineering, manufacturing, B2B software or generally high technology service providing company can be a real challenge,’ according to DMA Europa Group MD, Roland Renshaw. ‘Many marketing principles are universal, you have to communicate with your potential customers in order for them to know what you do for example; however, a supplier has to have the technical knowledge to understand a product in order to market it effectively, and this is where we come in.

‘What really makes a difference is having an in-depth knowledge of what an industrial product or service is, what it does and the benefits it can bring to the user. Beyond that, a working knowledge of the route to market is essential; an understanding of the target audience and plenty of experience in using the different marketing channels in order to achieve specific marketing objectives.

‘Again, that is where the DMA Europa Group works: it has been developed over the last 27 years with a single objective in mind, to become the most effective full-service technical marketing service agency in Europe. This is something I believe we have now achieved.

‘There are other companies that offer multi-language Public Relations services, but few with our depth and breadth of technical knowledge. I don’t know any that have an in-house 3D design team, web specialist team, a film studio and edit suite; not to mention one of Europe’s leading technical translation services and a global virtual exhibition business all under one roof.

'What is the benefit to the customer though? Put simply, most marketing service suppliers specialise in one area or another: creative, web, online promotion, public relations, advertising etc. In each case they have to sell that service to any customer they can. Using multiple agencies also requires a large amount of management time by the customer and is an unenviable task to co-ordinate.

‘By covering every marketing service in-house, our account management team can offer precisely what a customer needs in order to achieve their marketing objectives. We can work with in-house teams plugging skills gaps, or simply take care of all marketing requirements and report directly to the management team in a company. It is this flexibility of service that means we can deliver exactly what a customer needs, not what we want to sell.

‘Being totally customer orientated has allowed us to grow the business and look after the marketing needs of a wide range of companies, from technology start-ups to some of the best known global brands such as Mitsubishi Electric. The really crucial aspect to what we do is that we also shoulder the management and coordination responsibility for any project we take-on.

‘It doesn’t matter if we have to launch a new machine tool in the USA, an automation component in Germany, a robot in England, or a piece of software that revolutionises pharmaceutical production worldwide [we have done all of this]. We will take care of the strategy, the planning, the origination, the sign-off and delivery of the entire campaign. From the first 3D render of the product, to the international press launch, the Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic to the sales website that we designed, built in 20 languages and now host – the team at DMA Europa will manage and deliver it as a turn-key service.

The theme that runs through all of these services and the 30+ people in the business is a ‘passion for technology’. Our stand-out feature as a group is that we share a passion for technology that may be the latest platform game, the newest 3D render software, the latest gearbox or factory automation systems.

‘We work to develop the technology of communication and we are fascinated by the technology we come across on a daily basis via our clients. From plastic boxes to rocket science, there’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding here which stretches across all industry sectors and makes us more effective at what we do.

‘Bringing the businesses together has been a long-term strategic objective’ according to Roland Renshaw, ‘one which we can now share via a new company website located at’

Some highlights are the service selector on the home page; you can swipe the services across to the tablet and add-in your email address, it instantly sends you a bespoke pdf proposal based on your selections.

You can connect directly to the team here. .

About DMA

DMA Europa is a full service multi-language PR, marketing, advertising and communications agency for industry.

Our services are designed to solve one of the most difficult tasks facing professionals who have sales and marketing responsibility across international borders, that is to effectively co-ordinate simultaneous multi-channel campaigns in several countries.

Services are optimised for both European and International remits, including modules for effectively addressing new markets such as Russia and Asia.

As a centrally managed resource, DMA Europa allows you to work with cultural and linguistic differences, not against them and maximise the effectiveness of your time and efforts.

Sales and media messages seamlessly co-ordinated and implemented across International markets. Media coverage and web publishing achieved simultaneously in many different native languages.Sales leads from the web, direct mail, email and printed media maximised.

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DMA Europa Ltd. : Roland Renshaw, Managing Director
Tel: +44 (0)1562 751436 Fax: +44 (0)1562 748315

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