Email contacts - database management

DMA Leads

"Your greatest untapped resource is your existing client base”. Most business professionals recognise the phrase, but how to stay in contact with all your existing customers? Do your sales representatives visit or speak to every client you have every month? No, because it is uneconomic – so we provide an effective alternative.

A live database environment that provides flexibility to use contact data is now an essential tool that no effective marketing campaign can do with out. This service is an integrated part of DMA Europa’s package and is used to manage contacts across the world quickly and effectively.

Regular email information messaging

Using email to contact your existing and potential customers that are registered on your email database is not a case of ‘spamming’, DMA Europa have conducted extensive research and field trials to ascertain what content a message should contain, how often to send it, what format to use and what response mechanism is the easiest for users.

The results are stunning, using a simple short message and an automated response mechanism; a database can be used to inform your audience as well as illicit responses to new products and introductions for sales teams to follow up immediately.

Internet searches result in qualified sales leads

Industry figures show that the internet has now become the preferred place to turn for information on purchase decisions made by industry. Optimising on these searches in terms of appearing on search engine shortlists and capturing contact details from visitors to your site can make a profound difference to the success of any sales and marketing activity. Advice and implementation of the elements are part of the package from DMA Europa and are applicable to any target market.

In areas where printed business-to-business media is poor there is still plenty of business to be had; the trick is how to put your information in front of people who are searching for it.

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