Tsubaki’s BS Chain Offers High Performance in Wet and Corrosive Environments

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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileTsubaki’s BS Chain Offers High Performance in Wet and Corrosive Environments

There are now four versions of Tsubaki’s well proven BS/DIN European Standard Chain for use in corrosive environments. Each version is designed to outlast standard chains and provide a cost effective operating solution across the widest range of operating environments, including low temperature, sanitary, outdoor, wet and humid atmospheres. With lower operating noise and lube free options there is a chain type in this range that will be ideal for most applications.

The chains are divided into two categories: corrosion resistant and corrosion protected. Included in the former category are BS PC plastic combination and BS stainless steel chains. BS PC chain offers the benefit of a stainless base, with link plates manufactured from SUS304 and spring clips from SUS301. These materials combine with inner chain links of engineering plastic to produce high levels of corrosion resistance, and the additional user benefits of lube-free operation, low noise performance (5 dB lower than BS standard roller chain) and weight saving: BS PC chain is 50% lighter than BS standard roller chain.

Tsubaki’s second corrosion resistant chain version, BS stainless steel chain, is designed for more aggressive environments, such as underwater, acidic and alkaline applications, and high and low temperature operations (-20 degrees C to +400 degrees C) All basic components of this chain are manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel, except the spring clips, which are made of SUS301). Variants of this chain are available for extremely arduous conditions including Titanium chain (ANSI).

Complementing the two corrosion resistant chain variants, and providing users with more choice to tailor chain type to specific applications, are BS N.E.P. (New Environmental Plating) and BS Nickel plated corrosion protected chains.

BS N.E.P. chain is suitable for use in environments exposed to seawater, acid rain and other adverse weather conditions. Environmentally compliant, N.E.P. chain offers the advantage of not containing any chemically hazardous substances such as Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury, as regulated by RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

BS N.E.P. chain is a standard Tsubaki BS chain that has undergone a special surface treatment process. The link plates, bushes and bearing pins of the chain have a special three-stage coating applied in order to provide the maximum protection from the operating or environmental conditions. In addition, the chain rollers have a special coating designed to resist corrosive conditions, and the severe dynamic contact between roller and sprocket; and the spring clips are manufactured from SUS301 stainless steel.

Kilowatt ratings for N.E.P. chain are the same as those for corresponding sizes of Tsubaki standard BS chain, but with a higher working temperature range: -10 degrees C to +150 degrees C. For operations above 60 degrees C a special high temperature lubricant is required. This is available from Tsubaki UK.

Completing Tsubaki’s range of BS chains for corrosive environments is BS NP (Nickel-Plated) Chain. BS NP Chain offers light corrosion resistance, and an attractive exterior appearance. It is suitable for outdoor conditions where it is exposed to water, and has an operating temperature range of -10 degrees C to +60 degrees C.

Both the N.E.P. & Nickel Plated products benefit from the technology developed for the BS carbon steel chain range by way of the ring coined connecting links having 100% transmission capacity of the base chain. A unique design feature to Tsubaki.

About Tsubaki

Established in 1917, Tsubakimoto Chain Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of power transmission products with strong market positions in premium quality ANSI & BS roller conveyor & engineering chains and associated power transmission components such as cam clutches, reducers & linear actuators. With a turnover exceeding $1.4 Billion US Dollars & 5,000 employees, the Tsubaki group includes 28 production locations and 22 group companies worldwide. Our production and sales networks are now more developed than ever.

Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. serves Power Transmission customers in the Pan-European market, Africa and the Middle East from European headquarters located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, along with two locally based subsidiaries. One in Nottingham, serving the markets of the UK, Ireland & Iceland with the other serving the German market.

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