Spelsberg thermostats help Lagwell Insulation prevent frozen pipes

17/11/2020 16:07:16
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileSpelsberg thermostats help Lagwell Insulation prevent frozen pipesSpelsberg thermostats help Lagwell Insulation prevent frozen pipes

Insulation and temperature management in pipes for industrial processing and commercial properties is important all year round. Of course, as the nights draw in and temperatures plummet, facilities managers are often more mindful of the risks of frozen pipes. Lagwell Insulation is a specialist in thermal insulation with many industrial, commercial and public sector customers located around the United Kingdom and Europe. It relies on Spelsberg thermostats to deliver performance and value for many of its frost protection systems.

Iain Irvine, Trace Heating Design Manager for Lagwell Insulation, explains: “Trace heating is critical all year round for many facilities. For example, many of the chemicals involved in industrial processing need to be held within a specific temperature range irrespective of the weather. Having said that, we do see a rise in demand during the winter months as the risk of frozen water pipes shifts trace heating solutions further up the list of priorities.”

Lagwell Insulation designs and installs trace heating systems for new builds as well as providing retro-fit solutions for older facilities. Its expertise spans across sites of all sizes with varying degrees of complexity. Alongside chemical processing and manufacturing facilities, it regularly services commercial and public buildings including hospitals, schools and airports. For many of its frost protection systems it relies on Spelsberg thermostats thanks to the quality of the product and the reliability of the customer service.

Spelsberg’s range of HT Thermostats are turnkey units, housed within the company’s IP66 rated range of TK polycarbonate enclosures. The HT range can be fitted with a number of different thermostats offering operating temperature controls ranging from -10-90 °C, 0-40 °C, 30-120 °C, 35-210 °C and 50-320 °C. In fact, these temperature ranges make them suitable not only for frost protection, but also for a wide range of other duties as well.

Iain continues: “We already specified Spelsberg enclosures for use in other systems and have found the quality of customer service, communication and product availability to always be exemplary. It was a common sense decision for me to also specify the HT Thermostats as I know I can depend on my orders arriving on time and I have direct access to technical support if needed.”

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Image 1 + 2: Spelsberg’s range of HT Thermostats are turnkey units, housed within the company’s IP66 rated range of TK polycarbonate enclosures.

About Spelsberg

Spelsberg is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world. With over 4,000 enclosures available as standard and further customisation possible, it offers solutions for almost any application.

With the largest supply of non-metallic enclosures, ex-stock in the UK, its products are often available for delivery within 24 hours; customisation is possible on any product, including bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals, within 48 hours. Products can be ordered direct from Spelsberg or from most leading supply specialists including RS, Rapid, Farnell and CPC.

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