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Bespoke and standard gas struts meet every need

13/12/2018 09:24:12
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileBespoke and standard gas struts meet every need

Engineering components and parts manufacturer, WDS Component Parts Ltd. has extended its range of gas struts with new stroke lengths and options. The company can provide standard gas struts by overnight delivery or work with customers to develop bespoke units that perfectly match their application needs.

The extended range now offers stroke lengths between 20mm to 500mm. Rod and body sizes are available from 6mm rod diameter coupled with 15mm body diameter to 14mm rod with 28mm body. The actuation forces available range from 20N to 2,500N, depending on the size of the gas strut.

Each strut is fitted with an adjusting valve so that the internal pressure can be pre-set to the requirements of the application. Once the strut is installed the valve can be used to re-adjust the pressure in situ.

An extended range of end fittings are available, including clevis pin, clevis eye and angle joints. These can be fitted by WDS or supplied separately.

Carbon steel is the usual choice of construction material for the body of the gas struts, but a 316 stainless steel option is available for arduous duty applications.

Both standard and bespoke products can be ordered on line via the WDS website (, where 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the standard units are available. For bespoke struts, the site has an easy to use design wizard where users simply enter the required size, stroke length, thread and force of the spring, along with the preferred materials of construction.

As well as ordering gas struts via the website, WDS customer can telephone (0845 606 66 77 or +44 113 290 9852 to place orders or seek assistance.

Image Caption: Engineering components and parts manufacturer, WDS Component Parts Ltd. has extended its range of gas struts with new stroke lengths and options.

About WDS

WDS are the UK’s leading manufacturer of standard parts for use in machine build components, standard parts, jigs & fixtures, and consumer products. The range of products available from WDS grows daily and so has the methods available to designers and engineers for identifying, specifying and purchasing any of the 20,000+ parts currently held in stock. For example, WDS has made ordering workholding solutions cheaper and quicker by removing small order surcharges.

The WDS range covers five main divisions, Standard Parts, Machine Accessories, Spencer Franklin Hydraulic Workholding, Broaching and General & Modular Workholding.

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