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23/10/2019 12:18:21
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General manager and senior chemist Andy Foot talks about formulating Emissco’s new automotive maintenance fluids range

Many people don’t realise how maintenance sprays, cleaners and solvents differ between brands and from professional to domestic use. The active compounds that we use to create an engine flush, or brake cleaner for example really need to work hard for garage technicians, so we use premium base ingredients in higher concentrations than you would typically find in an off-the-shelf consumer product.

The big difference with developing automotive aftermarket maintenance products is that they are used as an every-day professional tool, not just bought from the supermarket – used once and then left in the shed to gather dust. Using an Emissco developed product should mean the task the user is undertaking is achieved as quickly and effectively as possible, every time.

Of course, we have the luxury of a brand-new UK production facility, with a new lab, our own warehouse and dedicated logistics support. We are part of a large engineering and automotive parts manufacturing and supply group, so a lot of practical in-house R&D experience and testing was available to the development team. All of this has meant the new range has been very satisfying to produce and we’ve been fast to market too.

There is a range of eight automotive maintenance and service product formulations now available from Emissco, with more to come. For distributors looking for a reliable independent product line at competitive prices we can supply Emissco branded product, other companies looking for a full-service supplier for their own branded technical fluids need look no further than Emissco.

Photo Caption: Using an Emissco developed product should mean the task the user is undertaking is achieved as quickly and effectively as possible, every time.

About Emissco

Emissco is a leading manufacturer of automotive aerosols and maintenance sprays. The business operates multiple aerosol production lines, which have been purpose built to provide flexible manufacturing capacity to service orders of any size.

The current Emissco range incorporates brake cleaners, fuel system treatments, grease and maintenance sprays. Focusing on providing high quality products and a flexible service to its customers, Emissco provides a truly turnkey service whether you require a small batch of aerosols or full production line support.

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