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Signo NanoCare Power Reverse Erosion (PRE) series

05/01/2022 14:05:55
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileSigno NanoCare Power Reverse Erosion (PRE) series

Nanocare’s PRE series has been designed to impede and delay surface erosion and provide revitalisation of mineral substrata. It can be used on new and previously eroded substrates, halting ongoing erosion whilst preserving and maintaining its current state.

PRE utilises a complex molecular formulation of SiO2 that improves the natural structure of mineral substrata. Specially adapted chemical/physical cross-linking technology then forms a highly stable 3D network to repel chemical erosion such as carbonic, smoke and oxidation weathering along with prevention of frost and salt damage - whilst maintaining breathability.

Easy spray application makes it ideal for use in :-

    • Monument protection
    • Natural façade protection
    • Natural façade renovation
    • Revitalisation of façades made too acidic by detergents
    • Manufacturing of mineral materials with improved properties

About Signo-Nanocare UK

Signo-Nanocare UK specialise in the development and manufacture of nanoscale easy-clean and stain-resistant smart coatings. Our product range consists of nano coatings that provide protection for a diverse range of surfaces from cloth to concrete.

Since the year 2000, our multi-national Nano-Care group of companies, from state-of-the-art product development and laboratory testing facilities, has evolved its leading technical knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of SiO2-based high-performance coatings. Based in Shropshire, we distribute throughout the UK and overseas.

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