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Worn Again Technologies asked “How do we inspire investors with our chemical recycling solution before the new demo plant becomes fully operational?”

Worn Again Technologies

Industry – Chemical processing and technology development

Our Client

Founded in 2005, Worn Again Technologies is a forerunner in chemical recycling for textiles, transforming blended cotton and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric waste into valuable resources. Its innovative technology separates and purifies polyester and cellulose that can re-enter into the textile and plastic supply chain. Committed to creating a circular economy, with a focus on creating cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions, Worn Again Technologies is collaborating globally to scale and license its groundbreaking process, driving significant economic, social, and environmental benefits towards a sustainable future.

The Challenge

As Worn Again Technologies embarked on establishing a new demo plant in Switzerland, a unique challenge emerged. With the facility still under construction, the company needed an innovative approach to already demonstrate its future capabilities to potential investors interested in purchasing its technology licenses. The goal was to inspire investors with the plant’s potential before it became fully operational. This required a strategic plan to initiate and advance discussions with investors, showcasing the promise and efficiency of Worn Again Technologies’ chemical recycling solution.

Our Approach

For Worn Again Technologies, we embraced an innovative approach by utilising augmented reality (AR) to conduct exclusive “Boutique Tours” for a select group of investors. Upon arrival, guests were equipped with safety gear and introduced to the main factory floor using tablets. These devices featured a custom AR app that allowed users to view life-size, interactive 3D models of key processing equipment where the physical units will be located across the recycling line. Content hotspots offered detailed insights into specific stages of the production and recycling process. This immersive event, held in collaboration with Sulzer Chemtech, provided a unique, engaging way to showcase the factory’s potential and components before its operational launch.

The Impact

Our approach masterfully blended physical elements with AR, creating an engaging experience to enhance investor’s perception and interaction with Worn Again Technologies’ recycling solution. Described as a harmonious fusion of the tangible and the technological, the app not only helped to captivate the audience but also significantly enhanced understanding and anticipation of the factory’s potential, paving the way for future collaborations and investments.