Virtual Application Centre

Bürkert asked How can we create an engaging experience to showcase our fluid control innovations? 

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Industry – Fluid Engineering

Our Client

For almost 70 years, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has provided measuring and control systems for liquids and gases.  

The company was founded in 1946 in Germany and now employs over 3,000 people across 36 locations worldwide. Chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and water treatment sectors rely on their products to optimise and regulate processes. 

The Challenge

Bürkert had noticed a reduction in footfall and participation at tradeshows in recent years. Fewer companies saw the benefit in attending these events and when the pandemic struck they came to a halt.  

Because Bürkert needed a new way to engage with customers, we developed a digital experience that would appeal to a wider audience while also allowing them to demonstrate their products. 

Our Approach

To create Bürkert’s innovative Virtual Application Centre, we used cutting-edge 3D software and render engines. This also houses product models based on CAD data supplied by Bürkert, delivering an immersive digital environment for customers to explore and learn about the company’s solutions. 

The Application Centre offers 24/7 access to all product datasheets, downloadable content, and webinars. Visitors are also able to get in touch with industry experts to discuss their projects and needs. 

Its popularity has grown to the point that the Bürkert marketing and sales team use it as a digital tool as part of their marketing message, directing new contacts to the platform and validating sales leads.  

The Impact

Bürkert’s new Virtual Application Centre had over 1,300 visits from over 30 countries in the first six months. In addition to being a highly accessible platform that customers can use to learn more about and connect with Bürkert, the digital environment also offers a reduced carbon footprint compared to the attendance of various tradeshows held throughout the world.