Global Sustainability Report

GEKA asked “As the beauty industry is becoming more eco-conscious, how can we provide customers the assurance of sustainability for our products?


Industry – Cosmetics packing and applicators

Our Client

GEKA is a major manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of high-precision, innovative cosmetics applicators. With a history dating back to 1925, GEKA employs over 800 people across Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

It has acquired a market leading position thanks to its advanced in-house design, development, manufacturing and materials sourcing capabilities.

The Challenge

As stakeholders, customers, and end-users place a greater emphasis on sustainability and ethical production, GEKA neede a way to transparently communicate their commitment to sustainability.

It required a corporate report that was expected to be read by everyone, from individuals familiar with sustainability to professionals to laypeople, so it needed to have all the required scientific data while also being easy to grasp.

Our Approach

Because our writing team consists of people with technical and scientific backgrounds as well as considerable sustainability expertise, we were able to compile all of the material provided by GEKA and create a succinct report in an objective and natural manner.

Going beyond the interpretation and presentation of the relevant facts, benchmarks and corporate goals, we also designed the report to highlight key information while reflecting the essence of the brand.

The Impact

The result was a thorough and highly readable report that provides insights into the social and governance commitments in a transparent and accessible manner.

Using this report allows GEKA’s clients and end users, among other stakeholders, to make more informed decisions, while also empowering partners to produce their own reports.