Turning expertise into leads 

Burckhardt Compression asked: “How can we use LinkedIn to generate leads for our compressor system assessment services?” 

Burckhardt Compression AG

Industry – Engineering

Our Client

Burckhardt Compression AG, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, is the global leader in reciprocating compressor systems. Specialising in a full range of technologies and services, it provides customised solutions for industries including gas gathering and processing, refinery, chemical, and energy sectors. With a legacy dating back to 1844, Burckhardt Compression’s commitment to excellence and innovation has established it as the foremost choice for optimised reciprocating compressor systems worldwide. 

The Challenge

Burckhardt Compression was planning a LinkedIn campaign to generate leads for its BC ACTIVATE service, which offers businesses a technical assessment of existing compressor systems to avoid issues and enhance reliability and sustainability. 

Burckhardt compression was looking for the best approach and messaging to generate leads for BC ACTIVATE. 

Our Approach

To ensure the campaign generated valuable leads, we opted for a dual approach to engage with the target audience, creating relevant content to address both technical and high level perspectives. 

Positioning an experienced engineer as the campaign’s spokesperson and thought leader was crucial. This enabled the technical message to be transmitted authentically, recognising the importance of person-to-person connections on social media platforms.  

Video messages featuring the engineer directly addressed viewers, explaining the significance of assessing older compressor systems while simultaneously promoting the benefits of BC ACTIVATE.  

To expand the content mix, we created an infographic to visualise the BC ACTIVATE process to accompany the high-level message.  

Lastly, we generated LinkedIn posts with different calls-to-actions to get the readers’ attention, set the scene, provide background information and complement the media produced. 

The Impact

Using a dual approach proved to be highly successful. Based on the proposed strategy and process, after a week of running, Burckhardt Compression focused its budget on the posts that generated the most engagement, providing them with valuable insights into their audience’s preferences, and more importantly, prospects that the sales team could directly contact.  

After a run time of only one month the campaign generated 80 sales leads