We are the motion

Altra Industrial Motion asked “As a brand with an established presence, how can we present the renewed direction of our company to investors?

Altra Industrial Motion

Industry – General

Our Client

Altra Industrial Motion is made up of 26 brands, employs over 10,000 people, and has over two thousand years of collective experience in the power transmission sector!

Supporting customers on every continent, Altra’s brands are experts in delivering motion control and power transmission components. The company’s products can be found in almost every process that involves motion including energy, factory automation, marine, defence, mining, agriculture, material handling, medical, and even in space applications!

The Challenge

At its bi-annual management meeting, Altra needed a visual, impactful video to deliver its updated company direction, goals, and its objectives to stakeholders.

Having a track record of successful campaigns and high-quality content showcasing the capabilities and achievements of Altra’s brands, we were their first choice for this project.

Our Approach

To engage with Altra’s audiences we produced a dynamic video to open the event and set the tone for the renewed direction of the company.

The theme of the video had to reflect the core of what Altra does and how it helps improve people’s lives – both professionally and privately. Furthermore, it needed to highlight the challenges faced by the company during the pandemic.

Our content creators already had a good understanding of Altra’s leading brands and, because of this, we were given the licence to take a more creative approach on this project, so we used their own history to tell their story in this video – developing the concept of We are the motion.

The Impact

The emotion conveyed in the video exceeded even our expectations. It had the additional effect that everyone in the company knew that what they did mattered. It provided employees with a sense of pride in their work and was seen as the starting point for a wider drive to re-position the image of the company.